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Viddictive Premium Animated Video Ad Creator

by Grit in , , on 10 February, 2020
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Viddictive is a very powerful app for building eye-catching animated videos for Facebook and other social media.

Covering a wide range of niches and uses, the massive collection of 310 templates gives you creative freedom that few other apps can.

Normally, the standard version of Viddictive comes with 80 templates, which is a generous number to work with.

And, Template Club members paid $$ monthly for the additional 230 templates we are including with this deal.

So, you get 310 templates - all that have ever been made for this app.

In other words, you are getting hundreds of dollars worth of templates in multiple niches for free.

Of course, you can upload your own images, videos and audio too, for even more creative control.

Creating your animated videos is as easy as 3 steps and you get unlimited videos with this deal!

Plus, you can create, sync and run your video ads directly from your Viddictive dashboard, which is a huge time saver.

We encourage you to check out the salespage and the cool examples there, to see how incredible Viddictive is!

NOTE: This is one of the apps we have a reseller license for.

Our license requires us to manually register our customers for Viddictive.

Because of this delay, we decided to simply add the extra 230 templates to your purchase, instead of asking an additional and reasonable $37 for them. 

And we hope that our gift worth hundreds of dollars will make the delay well worth the wait.

Please don't buy Viddictive if you don't agree with this unavoidable minor inconvenience.


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