The Importance of the Offer

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The Importance Of The Offer

There are so many different pieces that go into writing an effective piece of sales copy.

You want to get it all right. You want to make your copy so effective that your target audience can't help but buy it.

But, there's something a lot of people miss when it comes to writing great copy. Often, the most important piece of the puzzle is the offer itself.

You could have the best sales copy in the world, but if the offer isn't good enough, then people are going to get down to the bottom of your sales letter but they aren't going to buy.

Or, you might have horrible sales copy but people buy anyway, at least the ones who make it to the bottom and see how enticing your offer is.

You want people to BUY. In fact, the ideal situation is that your offer is so good that the rest of the copy is almost superfluous. You want people to see your offer and buy right away, without even looking at the sales page because the offer is so good.

Indeed, the offer is incredibly important. One of the best examples of this was given by uber marketer Jason Fladlien. He made the point that if the offer is good enough, nothing else matters. You can get your conversion rates to nearly 100%. How is that even possible?

Think of it when illustrated this way: What if there was a car for sale for $1? Imagine there are no strings attached, no taxes you have to pay… nothing expect that $1 to pay. Assume this car is your dream car. You'd absolutely take that offer, right? There would basically be a 100% conversion rate on the offer to buy that car.

Obviously, that's an extreme example. But, it absolutely makes the point.

What about Your Offer?

Now, think about your own offer. Is your offer so good that people won't want to pass it up?

Sure, it's important to have great copy and to use the psychology of sales within your copy. But, can your offer pretty much stand alone and still convert like crazy?

Again, think about your offer. Are people really wowed when they see all they're getting?

There are many different ways that you can wow people. You can wow them on price, what's included, on added value, scarcity, personalization, and more.

With the car example, you’ve wowed people on price. The price compared to value is so shockingly low that people can’t help but buy the offer.

But, maybe you don't want to charge a really low price. So, you can wow people with what's included. You can add so much value that it's instantly apparent that your offer is an amazing one.

You can also introduce scarcity to your offer to get people to take advantage of it. If your offer is in such limited supply that it will soon be completely gone, possibly forever, then many more people will take you up on that offer right away.

You can add personalization to your offer. Personalization can set your offer apart from everything else out there. Personalization might include your personal help, something specifically tailored to their needs, and so on.

Revisit your current offer. Brainstorm what might be appropriate for your niche. Maybe you want to create a can't-miss-it price and include so much more than anyone else would include. Do some brainstorming, figure it out, and create an offer that will dramatically boost your conversion rates no matter what's going on with the rest of your sales copy.

When it comes to the offer, you can also bring up some comparisons within your sales copy that will further entice people. It's okay to mention that no one else offers what you offer, and for the low price you offer it for. Think about what else is on the market and how your offer is better than whatever else is out there.

When you write about your offer, use the elements of sales copy and the power of psychology. Make it seem so exciting that they absolutely will not want to pass it up.

Your goal should be to dramatically boost your conversions on your current sales copy and for every piece of copy you write in the future. It is definitely worth it to test different versions of your offer. Changing some wording here and changing some wording there can further boost your conversions.

The Offer Matters

Hopefully, you can see now that the offer is incredibly important. If your offer is there and if your offer is solid, then people are probably going to buy. If your offer stinks or if you don’t frame it in the right way, people probably won’t buy.

Sure, things like the headline really do matter on a sales letter. The headline is there to capture people's attention in the first place—it calls out to your target audience. Things like the story and bullet points are there to keep people's attention and stir their emotions.

After all, the potential buyer needs to have an interest in going down the page until he or she actually sees the offer, so you don’t want them to be so bored that they click away first.

But, when it comes to actually clicking that buy button and following through with the purchase, it's all about the offer. If the offer is amazing, it doesn't matter what else is going on, once you've gotten their attention in the first place.

If you pay attention to the offer and really work on tweaking your offer to perfection, then you can boost your conversion rates and earn so much more with every single product you release.

Focus on the offer, focus on the offer, focus on the offer.

That's the bottom line when it comes to writing effective sales copy and earning great money, no matter what it is you're trying to sell.

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